St Luke's Church, Buckfastleigh



Hello everyone,


As I write this, it does look like the predicted second wave of the coronavirus is upon us and we are in a very different set of circumstances than we were this time last year. Many, if not most, of us are quite naturally worried and unsettled about what the future holds. Our normal patterns have been thrown out of the window; goodness only knows what Christmas will bring on so many levels.          


In reading the bible I am often surprised by the way in which human nature actually doesn’t seem to have changed much over time. Scandal, tragedy, squabbling, power plays are all in there, as are joy, compassion, heroism and selflessness. That is why I find the bible and the Christian faith just as relevant today as it always has been. We may have the internet but we still have the same need to be living in love with our neighbours and with God that we have always had.


During my time here I have been bowled over by the warmth and generosity of spirit in these parishes. People are willing to step up and make a difference here in helping their neighbours and that is great. The response to urgent need needs to be, and has been, well….urgent. The way that the community rallied round to raise money for the local foodbanks, set up response lines, served as drivers and medicine collectors, and perhaps most important of all, as kind loving neighbours is one prime example. Likewise, I have been struck time and again by the realisation that there was and still is, …an urgency in Jesus’ message. NOW is the time to respond. The world is in a particularly unsettled and worrying time right now and we are all challenged to respond, so as the seasons begin to change let’s think about our response to God’s call to act. I would like to close with this prayer:


Lord thank you for your teaching, for your example, for your saving grace. May we have the strength, the faith and the love to face the challenges to come. Amen


God Bless,

     Rev Tom Benson