St Luke's Church, Buckfastleigh

Bee and Butterfly Haven at Holy Trinity Churchyard

Part of the churchyard at Holy Trinity is being allowed to grow to provide a haven for bees, butterflies, etc - click here for more information and here for an update (Nov 2020). Photographs of the flowers and the churchyard can be found on the Facebook page "Haven at Trinity Churchyard".


The Cabell Tomb at Holy Trinity Church

The historic Cabell Tomb, which stands next to Holy Trinity Church, has recently been restored, (grille and coving). Many legends have grown up about the tomb, mostly of very doubtful veracity, but a recently produced brief history can be found here.


Problems with the church roof and with Holy Trinity Church

Unfortunately we are experiencing problems with our church roof being prone to leaks. These have been evident for some time but are now getting worse, and we are exploring how to deal with this issue. A small committee was set up to examine the cause of the problem and to consider possible future action. The committee undertook initial engineering study work, which indicated the current roof technical design is unsuitable, requiring complete renewal of the roof covering to a new specification.  Committing to this would require a major financial investment and so plans are on hold at present as we see how things develop. Further details will be released as they become clear.

In addition in late 2019 it was found that the top of the walls of the ruin of Holy Trinity Church are unstable. Until repair work can be done, signs have been erected to stop people entering the main part of the ruin, though the tower is safe and so the bells can continue to be rung.

Latest news


We are not running services in church until further notice while we wait to see how things develop with the pandemic.

Online services are available each Sunday here

The church is open for private prayer as below.

Our clergy, Tom and Laura, will normally be available in church for support and help, midweek daytimes. 

The Foodbank will operate as needed through the week. 



St Luke's is usually open for private prayer from 11am to 3pm, weekdays only. Please note that to ensure we comply with the Government guidelines, only one person (or members of one household) at a time will be allowed in the prayer chapel, (though with another waiting area available), and there will be instructions about use of seats, the supplied sheet of suggested prayers, hygiene, etc.


Worship at home using online services - to watch any previous or upcoming services, Bible studies, etc., click here. (Scroll to left and right to find the service you want. Earlier videos can be found using the videos and playlists tabs).

The current weekly programme is as follows:

   Sundays: a pre-recorded service will be available by 10.45am.

   Tuesdays: Bible Study

   Thursdays: Night Prayer

        Each midweek service is normally available from 11.30am.


Other resources for prayer and worship from the Church of England website can be found here and from the Diocese of Exeter here.


Prayer - please pray for Tom (Rector) and Laura (Curate) seeking to provide resources and care in the present very difficult time. Further details of prayer needs and some suggested prayers for use at this time can be found here.


Support and care for our community - care for those in our parishes continues to be a priority, with care both for those who are church members and for those who aren't. So do get in touch with requests for prayer, or for support by a telephone call, via the details on the Contact page.

This also applies to the FOODBANK, which is not operating its usual Friday morning sessions, but is providing food etc. to a greatly increased number of people right through the week. For further details for the Foodbank click here.


We need your support - the present situation is putting a strain on many people, and we as a church are glad to offer help. But it is also putting a strain on our resources, and we would welcome any support you can give - click here for a letter from our treasurer about online giving.


Funerals - sadly deaths are occurring, whether from Covid-19 or from other causes. Only a limited number of mourners is currently allowed to attend the funeral service, but funeral services are still being held, including in St Luke's. Contact Rev Tom Benson on 07730575312 for support and help in your time of loss.


Buckfastleigh Helpline number  - 01364 255819.

Stories for children

The story of how Jesus' friends found he was alive again - click here

Later stories can be accessed by then clicking on our curate's photo


Also Tom's motorbike story can be accessed here

Print off, back up as a booklet, and read to your child

Tom's motorbike book picture

Richard Lester, an organist at St Luke's Church,  has recorded a CD of French popular organ music entitled French Bonbons. All proceeds from this CD will go to St Luke's Church as it hosts the vitally important Buckfastleigh Food Bank. The CD will be released by the international recording company, Nimbus Records and will be available globally. It can also be purchased on Amazon, Apple, and many other websites from November 1st at a retail price of £12.75. Copies can also be purchased at St Luke's Church at a bargain price of £10.